Travel advice for the Beautiful Beaches of New Jersey

The best travel advice you can get for a great vacation at the beaches of the Jersey Shore is easy-Just GO! The perfect beach vacation may just mean lying on soft sand for hours at a time, but there is so much to see and do at the Jersey Shore that you may be tempted to visit some of the other New Jersey Attractions from time to time. And yes, you can have a great time on other kinds of vacations in New Jersey, but the beaches are by far the favorite.

Getting There

One of the best advantages of a vacation at a Jersey Shore beach is that it is such a bargain. Driving or flying from the landlocked Midwest states is easy and inexpensive. Check out this great Travel Secrets Guide to find out how to get the best in airfare and travel bargains.

The main artery of highways that lead east to New Jersey are well marked and easy to navigate. With travel advice from either Map quest or an in car GPS system, the beautiful beaches of New Jersey are a day's drive away.Renting a car at the airport is the easy option, but it can be expensive since airports, especially Newark and Atlantic City charge steep fees to the car rental agencies for the privilege of being located at the airport. Do a little research and see if there is a satellite office nearby. Many times, the cab fare to an office 4 or 5 miles away is cheaper than the difference of one day's rental! Excellent values can be found at Philadelphia airport's car rental desks, however.


Weather is New Jersey is pretty consistently hot in the summer, which is one of the best parts about the beach-just run into the water when you get hot. But be advised that, on a sunny day, New Jersey beaches are ALL sand and sun. The only shade is the shade you bring with you or in a boardwalk restaurant. A beach umbrella is mandatory, and although some beaches have concessionaires that rent them, they are so inexpensive that most people just buy them.

Temperatures from May to September range from the low 70's to mid 80's in July and August and back down to 70's in September. May and September are beautiful times on the uncrowded beaches, but the water in May is not warm enough to swim in and temperatures drop in the afternoon so a full day of suntanning is not possible. In September, the water is still warm but the sun is starting to set earlier, and a bit of a breeze is possible in the afternoon. In addition, the lifeguards are no longer on the beaches after Labor Day.

Still, there are some faithful souls who swear by a quiet beach vacation in September and would offer the travel advice to go then, when the crowds are gone and hotel and motel rates come down. If you don't have to worry about the children going back to school, you may want to give it a try.

July and August are literally the "hot" months on the Jersey Beaches. All the action, such as concerts, special events and fireworks take place in these summer months. (But one beach to keep in mind if you prefer an off-season vacation at the shore is Ocean City, where many of the businesses are open well into the fall, and some are even open all year long.) 

August are the dog days, when temperatures can head well above 90, and some summers have even been known to see some days of 100+ temperatures. These are usually warm fronts that move on in a few days. This is when the locals all move their beach chairs right down to the surf, not a long trip, but great travel advice anyway!

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