Surf Fishing New Jersey-All the Fish Without All the Expense

Easy fishing, Great fishing!

If you love surf fishing, you will love the Jersey Shore! One of the greatest things about this kind of fishing (from the shore instead of from a boat or dock) is that you do not need to own or even rent a boat to do it. All you really need, basically, is a beach and a fishing rod. And New Jersey has the beaches, so just grab your fishing rod and go!

As with any sport, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

The Basics of Surf Fishing

If you like to just sit on a beach with the sun on your face and a cold beverage in your hand, you can relax and just hope for the best. A lot of fishermen, however, really get into it and start to study how to read the surf, buy specialized equipment and experiment with different kinds of bait.

But all you really need is time, a love of fishing and a good rod and reel, some new 17 to 29 pound mono line, a sharp hook and some fresh bait.

If you take a walk on just about any Jersey Shore beach in the early a.m., or at dusk, most of the time what you will see is a fisherman sitting in a beach chair, with a cooler and a 5 gallon bucket beside him or her, and a fishing rod stuck in the sand. Can't get more relaxed than that!

The key? The locals!

You can have do some really good fishing in the surf on the Jersey Shore without owning a 4X4 to bring you out to the surf, since the beaches on the Shore are all close to main roads. New Jersey has 128 miles of shoreline, and the surrounding ocean is full of an incredible variety of salt water fish. The typical types of fish the surf fishers go after are flounder, blue fish, striper, and red and black drum.

Some of the top spots, according to the experts, are Island Beach State Park, Sandy Hook and Cape May. But wherever you go on the Jersey Coast, you are sure to find great fishing in the surf. From Sandy Hook to Manasquan Beach, for instance, there are 25 miles of beaches that are divided by jetties, which are home to the bait fish that your prey will be chasing.

Most of what you really need to know to be a successful fisherman you can learn by talking to the other fisherman along the beach, especially the ones who are catching! Most fisherman are happy to share their knowledge and secrets, and a little admiration of their catch or their style of fishing will go a long way to draw out even the grumpiest looking ones.

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