One of the Best Beaches in New Jersey May Well be Rich, Charming Spring Lake

Spring Lake is one of the best beaches in New Jersey, with over two miles of uncluttered shore front and the longest non-commercial boardwalk in New Jersey.

A long history

This beautiful town was founded over 100 years ago, and was named for the fountains of crystal clear water which come from underground springs and form the lovely lake in the middle of town. The lake is a delight in itself, with charming bridges, weeping willows lining the shore and its resident population of swans.

Elegance is the only word that can be used to describe this stunning town. Fabulous mansions with perfectly manicured lawns recall an era when the rich and powerful sought a haven of peace and tranquility after their busy workweeks.

Many of those mansions are now Victorian-style inns that welcome the visitor to relax in this setting of beautiful turn of the century architecture.

Spring Lake became known as the Irish Riviera because it was largely developed by Irish Americans as elegant resort and because of the large Irish-American population in the area. (Spring Lake has the highest percentage of Irish Americans of any municipality in the United States.)

That explains the Irish part. The Riviera part is due, of course to the fact that this elegant enclave has one of the best beaches in New Jersey. This deep, open beach never seems overcrowded or cluttered. The beach is kept in impeccable condition partly due to the restrictions the town imposes.

Prim and proper, with quality as key

Food and beverages are not permitted on the beach. Most regulars just keep their coolers with lunch and snacks on the boardwalk and visit them when the urge strikes. This is a safe, quiet town, so this honor system seems to work. There are also a couple of snack bars in case you forget to pack a lunch. There are a number of very fine restaurants such as Whispers and, right opposite the ocean with a beautiful view, The Breakers, but you will not find pizzerias, hot dog stands and hamburger joints that most of the Jersey Shore is famous for.

Though the boardwalk suffered major damage from Super Storm Sandy the town was determined to rebuild it quickly so residents and visitors alike could continue to enjoy it. Surfers especially love the uncluttered expanse of this beach. On a good surfing day, the northern end of the beach is heavily dotted with surfers on their boards, especially in the early morning.

For a peaceful, relaxing vacation on sugar soft sand, Spring Lake is one of the best beaches you could find. Relaxing on the beach, taking on the surf, or strolling through this small piece of heaven will prove to be one of the loveliest vacation experiences you've had.

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