Easy and Affordable New Jersey Motels Near the Beach

New Jersey Motels are the ideal solution if this is your daily vacation schedule:

1. Put on bathing suit

2. Go to Beach

3. Shower and Change

4. Go out for dinner and nightlife

5. Come back and crash

All you want in this case is clean, comfortable, and well maintained accommodations. A nice motel, a block or two from the ocean, not too many frills, fits the bill. Well, maybe you want air conditioning and a TV. A place to park your car. A coffee and a donut in the morning would be nice.

Only pay for what you need

Many times the luxury of a condo or the beauty and charm of a Bed and Breakfast would be lost on a certain type of vacationer. If you have the surfboards on the roof of your car or your fishing gear in the trunk, you don't plan on spending much time indoors.

Why pay for amenities that you are not going to be using? There are plenty of motels on the Jersey Shore that are inexpensive but clean and comfortable. The shower and TV work and there is hot coffee in the lobby in the morning.

If you are hitting the surf at 7:00 a.m., you don't need or want much more.

How to make sure you are going to get clean, safe New Jersey Motel accommodations at a reasonable cost? First check out the motels listings in the area. There are many motel chains in the area, but the motels closest to the ocean tend to be small privately owned ones. The chains are more likely in business areas or on busy highways, which means they are not close to the beach.

You should be able to find out the rates online

Even the smaller motels have a site that you can check out. Be a little wary of the ones with the absolutely lowest price. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

To get an overall idea of rates and availability, just logon to Hotels.com. Great deals are frequently posted on such major online sites, and you can normally count on a decent level of quality, since most "dives" don't go to the trouble of joining organizations like this.

Even in the summer season, you can find a clean comfortable motel room for less than $80 a night. If you guarantee a booking for a longer period, such as a week or two, you may get a reduction.

Of course, if you want a fancy motel or hotel, there are plenty of them as well, but for place to lay your head after your day at the beach, nothing can beat the value and quality of New Jersey motels.

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