Jersey Shore Rentals - Start Looking Early For The Best Selection and Rates

If you are looking for Jersey Shore rentals that will be 1) ideal for you and your friends and family, 2) at the beach you like the best (don't know for sure? Check out Best New Jersey Beaches and More Best New Jersey Beaches to find YOUR perfect New Jersey beach), and 3) in your price range the winter months are the time to start looking for Jersey Shore rentals.

Start early for the best selection

Too many vacationers wait until spring or even early summer to start thinking about how nice it would be to spend a week at the beach, and then are surprised to find the best rentals are taken, or they have to pay through the nose to get exactly what they want.

The economy may be on the road back to recovery, but a vacation is still quite a luxury for most people. But with a Jersey Shore rental, you will get the most out of your vacation for the least amount of dollars. Vacationers to "the Shore" usually come from someplace within driving distance, such as New York or Pennsylvania. So no airfare, no security check hassles, and you can bring all of your beach toys without the expensive baggage checks. In addition, the housing market is still relatively depressed, so there are lots of bargains out there, especially if you reserve your rental early.

A great vacation at a great price, and easy to get to

But if you are coming from a distance (and yes, the beaches on the Jersey Shore are worth the trip), you can fly into one of the regional airports, rent a car and drive a short distance to a dream vacation at a bargain price. Some airlines are able to keep their airfares down by avoiding the large hub airports such as Newark or Kennedy. Spirit airlines flies into small, easy to navigate Atlantic City airport, for example, and you are just a hop from a great Jersey Shore rental at Wildwood, Cape May, Long Beach Island, Ocean City or Seaside. Just remember that renting a car at the airport is usually more expensive than outside of the airport, because the rental companies have to pay hefty airport franchise fees. Check out the bargain tips here to learn some bargain hunting travel tips.

It's nice to think about the sun and the surf when you're chilled to the bone

Besides the greater availability of rental properties, you will have a distinct advantage if you start your Jersey Shore rental search over the winter months. Most owners are very happy to negotiate a discount in order to have a rental secured well in advance. They like having that additional cash flow that your deposit will provide as well. Granted, you risk losing part of your deposit if you have to cancel, but let's face it, that could happen two or three weeks before the rental as well, so that is a chance you have to take in any case.

And right now, while the temperature is at or below freezing, and the weatherman is starting to talk about snow, wouldn't it be wonderful to start planning a week or two at the Shore? Forget the cold and wind and picture yourself and your kids body surfing and strolling on the boardwalk, or you and your buddies playing volleyball during the day and hitting the great Jersey Shore Bars at night. There is nothing nicer on a cold afternoon than daydreaming about the sun and surf, unless it is actually being in it, so start scoping out all the great rentals now!

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