Cape May New Jersey -  One Tough Old Lady

Many people call Cape May New Jersey the "Grand Old Lady of the Jersey Shore". The oldest seashore resort in the United States, founded in 1848, this beautiful Grande Dame is famous for its slower pace,  when a seashore vacation meant rest and relaxation.

Hurricane Sandy, however, came flying through without rest or respite. This massive storm actually made landfall just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and therefore only 45 miles north of Cape May. Residents and business owners were justly terrified about what this hybrid hurricane/nor'easter would do to their beautiful town and beaches.

Protecting Cape May New Jersey's beautiful old Victorians was a must

Plywood was nailed over windows and doors, wicker rockers from the famous old porches were moved into sheds or even indoors and everyone, whether they stayed in town or not, kept a close eye on the path of the storm. This monstrous storm (at one point the cloud cover caused by Sandy stretched all the way north to Canada and west to Iowa) crept towards the shore, and then, sure enough, made a hard left right towards Cape May environs. And, it was going to land during a full moon high tide, and anyone who knows the shore knows that means exceptionally high tides!

Sure enough, the water came flooding in, inundating Beach Drive (or is it Beach Avenue? oh, let's not go there)

But miracle of miracles, the beautiful Victorian Houses, even though they are made of wood, stood strong, Jersey Strong, no matter how much big, bad Sandy huffed and puffed and tried to blow them down. I guess houses that have stood on a peninsula jutting into the Atlantic for over 100 years are not going to let a 30 hour storm take them down! Since Sandy touched down north of Cape May, the brunt of the storm was really felt in the towns to the north, such as Seaside, and the towns of Long Beach Island. Also miraculously, most of the residents didn't even lose electricity!

Business as Usual

The biggest issue was the mountains of sand that emptied from the beaches onto the streets, but the town got out the snow removal equipment and made fast work even of that. By the weekend, it was business as usual at the restaurants and even the B&Bs of Cape May New Jersey, since fall is one of the best times to stroll the beaches of the Jersey Shore!

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