You'll Get the Most Out of Your Budget Travel Dollars at the Beaches of New Jersey

Great budget travel vacations are guaranteed on the beaches of New Jersey!

With everything becoming so expensive, is it still possible to have a budget travel vacation this year? The price of everything may be going up, but you can still find bargains when you spend time on the beautiful beaches of the Jersey shore. You don't have to spend a fortune on airfare, and then on overpriced Caribbean beaches. Just check out the beaches on the shore, with the same soft sands and beautiful waters, and you will be amazed at how many budget travel options exist if you decide to spend your summer vacation on the beautiful beaches of New Jersey. The many beach towns of the Jersey shore have long catered to discerning vacationers who want to get the most value for their vacation dollars.

Easy to get to, easier to stay

Traveling to and from New Jersey can be a real bargain compared to other destinations. But if what you want is sun, sand and relaxation, New Jersey beaches can give the budget conscious vacationer all of that without the expensive airfares to the Caribbean or Florida. Gas prices are traditionally lower in New Jersey than in other states, primarily because there are refineries right within the state. (But not by the beaches!) Click on the link and type in the name of your favorite beach to find out the best prices. With today's gas prices, filling up at ten cents less a gallon can make real difference.

In addition, on the Jersey Shore, you don't necessarily have to stay in a hotel or motel at hundreds of dollars a day. Try a rental a block or two from the beach, and you will have all the comforts of home at a fraction of the price of a hotel room. There are so many advantages to a summer rental (and that does not mean you have to take it for the whole summer - most people rent their summer dreams for a week or two), from being able to have all of your summer paraphernalia - fishing rods, surfboards, even your boat if you like - to inexpensive meals and snacks, to sharing costs, etc. Think about how much you spend on dinner out with the family; now make that EVERY meal of your vacation, and you can see just how much the "extras" cost on other vacations.

Fly or drive, but for bargains, get to the Shore

If you prefer to fly, many great airfare bargains can be found. The New Jersey area airports, such as Newark, Philadelphia and Atlantic City offer great specials and the savvy traveler can easily put together some great low cost travel plans.

You can find incredible tips and hints for travel of all kind in this great travel guide.

It doesn't take much planning, and once you see some of the bargains that you can get for airfares into the local airports, and compare them to flying to other beaches, you will probably find you have covered your rental as well, or at least a few nice dinners out!

Another great advantage to this area as a vacation destination is that this is where ordinary people live. Prices at hotels, restaurants and attractions are not inflated they way they are at tourist destinations. And yet, you can still enjoy all of the things that make a vacation great: the best beaches, the great restaurants and lots of activities for everyone in the family.

For a lot of people, the whole tourist scene is a big nuisance anyway, even if you don't factor in the "tourist site" premium. Nothing but crowded streets, crowded restaurants and crowded attractions. Real travel aficionados agree that living where the locals live, work and entertain themselves is the true way to enjoy travel, new experiences and new people. 

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