Best Beach for Surfing Spots Can Be Found Up And Down the New Jersey Shore

Looking for the best beach for surfing spots in New Jersey?

All up and down the New Jersey shore, you can find the best beach for surfing, where the swells and breaks can rival Florida and the Carolinas. Take a drive to Jersey beaches and ask the locals checking out the surf in the early a.m.

The northern section really has a great choice of the best surfing beaches, starting with Sandy Hook, Long Branch, Loch Arbor and Deal. Here are some of the hot spots to look for.

Quality, not quantity at the northern end of the Shore

The Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook boasts one of the few pointbreaks in New Jersey. Though usually smaller than the other well-known breaks in Monmouth County, the Cove is one of the best breaks in New Jersey. It's a long right point that takes a big south swell, but can occasionally pick up an easterly. It's not unusual to hear about a classic day going down at the Cove when almost every other break around is breaking left.

Even though this is one of the greatest surfing beaches, you would be surprised at how small the crowd is. It is a long drive to the beach itself, so jumping out of your car to check the surf is not going to work here, and there are no concessions or amenities. You are on your own out here. But if you like it that way, this is one sweet spot.

Some beaches you never heard of

Some of the biggest swells that hit New Jersey are in the long jetty at Loch Arbor which is located right in front of a high-rise apartment complex. There are other peaks that are without a hassle, but this one in particular is controlled by a crew of locals. For the middle peak, it doesn't allow interlopers.

Beware of the rocks at the L-shaped jetty, it points south and breaks well on a NE swell.

Due to a lack of parking in Deal there are a few breaks that aren't surfed as frequently. Many of the beaches are run by private clubs, making public parking near impossible. So if you don't have a connection, you don't have a parking spot.

Head south, young (wo)man

If you don't find your best beach for surfing on the northern end of the Jersey Shore, keep driving south. There are plenty of beaches to choose from in the Asbury to Manasquan area all the way down to that unique stretch of beaches from Point Pleasant to Seaside to the great beaches from LBI on south.

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