Unbeatable, Bargain Vacations are Guaranteed with Beach House Rentals on the Jersey Shore

Beach house rentals can be a great solution for a fun and inexpensive vacation for so many reasons. Here are just a few of the ways that having your own house at the Shore for a week or a month make a lot of sense, saving you money and making your vacation convenient and easy.

Beach House Rental means costs are shared

When you and your friends split the rent, groceries and beer bill, you'll be able to afford a great vacation at the beach without breaking the bank. Take an example of a recent listing in Cape May, right on the beach, and not far from Wildwood Beach, with a price ranging from $1,400 to $2,300 per week.

The lower end of the rental scale is usually for the spring or fall months, which a lot of people feel are great times to spend on the beach, enjoying a walk in the sand with a breeze in your hair, and few to no other people around. But most people want the summer months for the warm water and lots of sun, and of course, school vacations. The higher priced spots are for holiday weeks, which are much in demand.

So let's pick a median range for this beach house rental of $1,850. This 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home can accommodate up to 8 people. This assumes one of the couples sleep on the pullout in the living room. Most groups can work this out equitably by giving a discount to the couple without the room or switching the "privilege" on a rotating basis.

Eight people at $1,850 for a week. That is $231.25 per person PER WEEK! Where can you find vacation lodging at $33 a night? And this is a lovely, well kept house with ample parking and a good sized back yard for barbecues and horseshoe games.

Perfect for children

Even with the great big beach to entertain them during the day, you'll find your kids bouncing off the walls after just a day in a motel room.

A beach house rental will give you the opportunity to bring all of their usual paraphernalia, such as bikes, skateboards, video and wii games.

And of course, instead of a hefty restaurant bill each night, you can throw some hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and you can keep the pantry stocked with snacks instead of constantly funding trips to the pricey food stands on the beach.

A beach house rental will usually have a washer dryer combo, so the expense of a launderette, or the trouble of bringing excess baggage can are all easily solve problems

Shared times

Many families today opt for a beach house rental for a few families to share together. Some of the larger houses, with 8 or more bedrooms, can easily accommodate two or three siblings with all of their children.

Especially for families that don't live near each other, this is a great way to spend relaxed, comfortable times together, (you know how hectic holiday gatherings can be) and let the cousins get to know each other.

Within easy reach of Philadelphia, New York, the Washington/Virginia area and a quick drive from the Philadelphia, Newark or Atlantic City airports, a family reunion vacation on the Jersey Shore will guarantee a great time for all.

Room and freedom

There is something about a motel or hotel room that feels limiting, no matter how nice it is. Even for a single or a couple, a cute little rental cottage at the beach can give you that extra bit of room to stretch out, and the freedom to sit on your private deck.

If you cherish your privacy, especially on vacation when you really want to disconnect and relax, a place of your own is the perfect alternative to the hotel/motel scene with busy families coming and going all day and night.

You will pay a price for this privacy and freedom, since most rentals become the cheaper option only when you are sharing costs. But sometimes you can't put a price on the peace and serenity of your own private house on the beach.

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