Get Your Beach Body Ready for Summer at the Jersey Shore!

It's time you started thinking about your beach body. Before you know it, summer will be here and you will want to be showing off on the sands and at the night spots, so get ready now. Spring is the perfect time to put your diet and exercise plans in place, since you still have plenty of time to get that great bod in time for the lazy days of summer.

Its a long time from January to May

Let's face it, those New Year's resolutions went out the window by the end of January. Who could think about what our bodies looked like under all those layers of clothes? And those Holiday cookies all looked so good....

Summer and showing off our skin again seemed so far away. But now, with the real incentive of a summer at the shore approaching, is the time to dust off the resolutions and get those flat abs and firm thighs we need to look good in a bikini.

All you need is a little time and determination

With two or three months to work on it, you can be in bikini shape easily. Lose those stubborn last 10 pounds, tone up your jiggly belly and butt, and before you know it, you will actually be looking forward to removing all those layers of winter clothing.

It's not so easy to cut the calories in the winter, when we need all that comfort food to help fight snowstorm induced depression, and those soups and stews seemed made to order for the cold nights. But now that we see trees starting to bud, flowers poking out from the ground and the snow is finally melted, we can start to think about diets and exercise. Because, yes, that is what it will take.

Now is the time for real resolution for that great beach body

The secret is to form a plan and stick to it. Forget New Year's Day, the best time for diet and exercise resolutions is probably St. Patrick's Day! Just the time to get out for a 20 to 30 minute walk or run each day, to add 3 to 4 exercise sessions per week, and to switch to the lighter spring recipes. Hot cocoa and cappuccino are out, water and sugarless iced tea are in. Crunchy salads, meatless dinners and fruit for dessert are easier to deal with as the days stay lighter longer and the temperature warms up.

Plan to succeed

So sit down today with a pad and pen and map out your plan. Three months to lose 20 pounds is just a little over 1 pound a week. Cut 10% of your calories and add your running (or walking) and 4 sessions of vigorous exercise, and this is a very doable goal. If you only have 10 pounds to lose, you only have to shed less than a pound a week.

If you think you need a little outside help designing your beach body workout, Click Here!

It's no secret, consume less calories and burn more, and your body will show the results. But don't expect to do this in a week or two! Get started now so you can look forward to shopping for those great bikinis to show off your great beach body!

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