Asbury Music Awards Support Local Artists

The most famous music awards on the shore is the best way to learn about local talent (that may not stay local for long)

Every music artist got his start somewhere; guess how many got theirs at the Asbury Music Awards ? If you are into the local, independent music scene, you know that you find out about the "big ones" long before everybody else does. Each year it gets bigger and better, with the 23rd annual even in 2015 vetting hundreds of performers and groups. What a chance to discover and pay tribute to the music stars of the future. Planning for the 2016 event is underway, even though it is scheduled for December!

Names like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and John Mellankamp may be household names now, but a lot of people who support venues like this can look back and say they knew them when. Up and coming artists don't get much of a chance to survive without the rank and file who go to the clubs and concerts to hear great music, long before the names become famous.

The 2015 Awards

At the December, 2015 Asbury Music Awards, the winners may be the next big name in rock, and you can say you heard him before everybody had to pay $100+ for his concerts!

The awards are presented each year by The Saint and the Asbury Music Company, and in 2015 was hosted by Taylor Allen of The SPELLING BEE Comedy Show. The full show bounces back and forth between non stop music, and the awards are interspersed, so the music hardly skips a beat. That's a lot of entertainment for only $15! You can view the full lineup (and a lot of other great Jersey Shore music) at "New Jersey Stage".

The movers and shakers of the Asbury and Shore area are the ones who vote on these awards: local areas club owners, music businesses, record stores, radio stations and newspapers all cast their ballots and the winners are announced at a jumpin' party at Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave., in Asbury Park New Jersey. Asbury is alive and well, in cas you didn't know it, and even Super Storm, was only able to postpone the date of the 2012 Asbury Music Awards. And Asbury is going to prove how alive and well they are with this all night mix of live, original music and awards to honor the those who struggle hard to bring it to us.

Going Strong for 23 Years!

The Asbury Music Awards were founded by Scott Stamper of The Saint, and the first event was held at the former T-Birds Cafe on Main Street in Asbury Park in 1993. Scott wanted to recognize the musicians, songwriters, artists, and in general, the Jersey Shore tradition of great, live original music.

And now, drum roll, please, for the winners in the major categories:

  • Top young (under 21) band: CORINNA, CORRINA
  • Top Male solo acoustic: Chris Brown
  • Top Female solo acoustic: Renee Maskin
  • Top Male vocalist: Ron Santee
  • Top Female vocalist: Deseree Spinks
  • Top Funk Band: Eastbourne
  • Top Soul Band: Shady Street Show
  • Top Avant Garde Act: Accidental Seabirds
  • Top Indie Band: Dentist
  • Top Alt Rock Band: Bone and Marrow
  • Top Indie Folk Band: Thomas Wesley Stern
  • Top Surf Band: Black Flamingos
  • Top Heavy Rock: Negative Sky
  • Top Americana: Thomas Wesley Stern
  • Top Pop Band: Deal Casino
  • Top Punk Band: Hot Blood
  • Top Rock Band: The Battery Electric
  • Top Guitarist: Brent Ovar Berhholm of the Battery Electric
  • Top Bassist: Alex Rosen of the Battery Electric
  • Top Drummer: Kevin Grossman
  • Top Keyboard Player: Matt Wade

You can VISIT the AMAs online:

Watch those names, and grab any chance you get to see them. You not only support your local artists, but you get to say "I remember when nobody knew who he was!"

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